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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 27, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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rev rev to be rusty and do they know where they put their whist and he will outfits. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: are they outfits or uniforms or costumes. >> brian: i don't think the referrees. the inc. is not dry. >> gretchen: let's say they had all of the liverage. >> brian: i believe they didn't get everything they wanted but i think in week one we heard nothing and week two you an uproar and latest two weeks. >> steve: you nide professionals. >> gretchen: i think they will be under intense scrutiny. >> brian: i think so much slack to have the pros back to
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make mistakes as opposed to inexperienced people. >> gretchen: it is it a fox news alert. the nfl and the referee's union reached a deal just in time for tonight's game. and no word if the union was looking for bigger salaris and improved retirement benefits. both sides in intense negotiations following the monday night controversial call that gave the sea hawkings over a win over the packers. netanyahu is getting ready to peek to the united nations. he is convinced that iran is not taking the american vow to get rid of nuclear weapons seriously. israeli leaders suggested if iranian's uranium program continues they may launch an attack. as if the hand of god turned the wheel.
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calling it a miracle landing in j.f.k. anticipate. a flight descending and the nose gear fail would >> steve: woah. >> gretchen: the plane was 50 feet from the runway the gear looked in place and none of the people were hurt. president regan called him a national security. andy williams died after a year-long battle with bladder cancer. ♪ moon river. ♪ i'm crossing you in style some day . >> gretchen: in our generation you grew up listening to that with your partners. his career spanned eight decade he hosted the andy williams show and spun off in a famous christmas special. he was friends with elvis and
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bobby cend dend. bobby kennedy once asked him to be a del great. >> i can't do it for you. hoe said why not? because i am a republican. he never knew i was a republican. andy williams 84 years young. >> didn't he surprise adonai osmond and marie osmond. >> steve: he did. i a letter from andy williams who was a regular viewer of "fox and friends". he will be missed. we told you about the brand new poll showing that that man in swing state of ohio is amitt romney by 10 percent. but are they really swinging toward the president? or is there skewing going on by the left-based main stream med yampt a number of people on the right feel that there is something, a polster media polling bias and what they do,
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they sample more democrats than republicans and naturally the democrats will wind up with the vote. why will they do that? one perhaps to keep mitt romney's donors from coughing up more cash and keep people from doing early voting. >> gretchen: the idea is why do they weight it one way to the other. they base it on the turn out in the last election cycles. they see more democrats came to the polls they weight it to democrats as opposed to the republicans and defendants. >> steve: what about 2010 and the land slide with the republicans winning be you when mr. obama had a highly motivated base of young people and latinos? which model do you follow. >> brian: we'll listen to karl rove and then we'll talk.
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>> when news agencies like the cbs news report the polling and it shows that barak obama leaped out to a big lead in florida and ohio. that gets inside of people's minds and they remember that and that only helps the president. >> steve: sure. >> the perceptiona this he's going to be the winner. >> steve: right. >> it was not easy to dig thel out. you have to go to the website and instrument that they fielded and big the data out of there. >> brian: even if they are weighted or using the wrong moto. president obama targeted like a lazer. he's been to ohio 29 times and multipill appearances and he hasn't tried be president for two years and mitt romney is having multiple appearances and blitwhereand get his story out. he allowed president to save i
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saved the autoindustry. no one talks about the dealership or jobs lost and no one talks about how the unions got more control. if mitt romney is not going to get the word out. i don't care who will do the polling. >> gretchen: that is true. we talk about messaging and who is win thag battlement he need toz get to hoe though to get his message out he will be there on the bus tour. forget the polls for a minute. if you are the cand date right now. you need to lazer focus to use your term. lazer focus your message whether the polls are right and wrong. it is it about winning. get out there with your message and be more aggressive. mitt romney said he will not do character assassination of bark obama and he will nolt get more aggressive u. >>
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brian: he will not get personal. but he did something. lazer focused on independents. they are more focused on the deficit. he did with the message. i am cutting taxings. but i am going to peel back deductions and not cutting back so much. that is getting to the deficit. if you cut back in too much in taxes the deficit will not get touched. he's trying to get the independents. and they said the crowd was overwhelming close to 4,000 >> steve: we would like you to e-mail us. do you think what the gop polster thinks there is it a media polling bias to stack the deck for the democrats or it is it. new york times cbs poll had mr. obama up by 10 points and local paper. columbus dispatch had him up by 5. and there in ohio. what does the governor think
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ohiians need from mr. romney? >> i think what romney needs to do. does he understand their problems. when he's out there he touches them. he has to touch as many people as he can and he has to keep coming back. he has to talk about policies and not people. it is it about lower tax less government and economic growth that landlords to jobs. only thing that matters is yobs and who ever can tell them in a swing state. i know how to create them and i will help your family and your kids are going back to work and that is who am win. >> gretchen: that's what every election comes down to. the pocket book. what the governor said is important. does mitt romney understand the people's problems? when he is out there, does he touch them? and this is it all back to messaging. the fren percent thing; is
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that resonating in people's minds . he need toz get out there and let them know he cares about them. >> brian: president obama is doing a good job making the most of the tape. right now governor casecs approval at fren percent. if you make a governor's council of winning governors that might be the best supporters that bob massey is coming up next. but governor mitt romney can have. talk about what workings. >> gretchen: the other huge key to the economy is it real estate and bob massey trying to help people struggling with that. and he's hostinglet building your dreams tour in treasure island, florida. >> steve: we were down in the tampa area . and look at those people up and with you already. >> good morning, steve. thanks guys. this is it important. it is great to be here. we are trying to educate
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people on how to rebuild their dreamings. florida like ohio is ground zero when it come tots foreclose crisis and people losing so much in so many areas. we'll take them from the beginning and how we got here and what helped. and how the lenders put us upside down and how to get out of the jam. what we are hoping for is take it on the road. club much treasure island is great people are here early this morn they loave "fox and friends" and they are distressed it is it like they have had enough. this is going on for years and we are patrionized by the government. and on paper programs look good. but in reality. infrastructure and practical part of them has not work. we'll try to move forward. that's what we are hoping for today. >> steve: that is fantastic bob. over the last year or so.
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you have try tod help people keep the keys to their houses and yesterday, you wound up with a key to the city? >> how about that. first key to the city i ever got in my life. i am down there on sun set beach life is good the mayor gave us. the assistant mayor gave us the city and fox news day was gracious once again x. they have open happened theirarps and great place to be and great place to be in florida. >> steve: it is great that you are down there with folks who came for help. bob, we'll see you later o. >> thank you, man. >> brian: i think it is fox news day in the whole area x. probably free burritos >> steve: is that all we are about. >> gretchen: doughnuts. >> brian: what makes a better president. senators or governors. history tells us next. >> gretchen: imagine seeing a man aiming a rocket launcher
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>> steve: let's talk politic accident. 17 of our nation's presidents served as governors and of those 17 transitioned from that role to the oval. >> brian: so does a governor make a better president than a senate on? folks news contractor, governor, what makes a governor or or the better suited. >> you are asking the wrong
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guy . i am biased. there is no substitute foris. whether landings or in the case of running something and being executive you know, i governor is a chief executive a state and president for the counselry. in a state level you get real practice of saying, i have a line item veto and i can operate within different cabinet agencies and most states have a balanced budget requirement. i can give you direct practice as a governor that you don't as a senator. people argued barak obama never run anything. and now like mitt romney run a big company and organize reorganized the olympics and ran a state as well. and to a lot of people who are listening to mitt romney.
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he has a better handle on how things work. >> yeah. no substitute in life for practice. whether in his private sector role or government role. i will focus on governors, states are the labratory of change. when i was in congress welfare reform passed but passed after being experimented on by the states tommy thompson and others passed it. >> brian: it is what is on the ground and senators have foreign policy experience. how does that factor when they go head-to-head. >> wait, wait, wait. four years of foreign policy experience, i mean, right before that, with due respect to the president of the united states, he just had a couple in the united states senate and state legislator. i don't think that there is a material difference in experience on that front
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because the governor is chief executive of a state but also commander in chief. you have direct experience with how military works and bain capital covers the globe. you understand how international markets work. i think you can certainly pick out deficiency on the governor's side from the stand point of foreign policy. but understanding both markets and again, the political of having one branch under control and accountablity of that. >> steve: you know what governors do because you did in in south carolina. thank you for joining us. >> brian: coming up, keep your kid no, sir school or lose your welfare benefits. we'll debate it. >> steve: ladies, talking about the convertible high heel. >> brian: finally. >> steve: look at that.
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>> brian: lock out is over and after four months being off of the field, the referee's union reached a deal with the nfl body which is just across the way from us and they will be back on the field. anton has more from penn station . no rain can keep you in bed and working tonight. >> you are ready for football? i know the rest of us certain low are . this agreement was reached
3:23 am
around midnight and a lot of the people are talking about it. and you know what, monday night debacle if you will and arguably the worst call in nfl history that sped up the talk. and so midnight tuesday night, continued over to wednesday night and then the agreement reached around midnight or early thursday morning some of the terms of it one of the things they couldn't find agreement on but since have. are the pension plans and retirement benefits and salaries. that was another consideration . and referees will get increases over the next couple of years and tonight with the ravens and the browns that will be playing tonight and we could see the true blook and white guys back out on the field. >> brian: it is going to be stunning as the players applaud the referees as they
3:24 am
walk on the field and become the story for the first time. thank you so much. >> thank you, brian. i a man aiming a rocket launcher on oncoming cars and white until you hear what he did. that is not a car seat. someone is trying to go across the border disguised as one. >> happy birthday to meat loaf who is 65. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] you can always measure the growth of your children by the way they clean themselves in the bathroom. try charmin ultra strong. with a new duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong helps you get clean. plus it's four times stronger than the leading value brand.
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>> republicans are preparing for it is upcoming debate. the trick is to find a debating partner and imulates the person you are going to debate. ohio senator rob portman will play the president obama. and paul ryan will practice and the one who plays joe biden will be gary doocy. >> steve: they . that is incredible.
3:29 am
was his voice goinger or slower . clever. >> brian: bill watches with a tank top and underwear . >> gretchen: that is i wonder if he watched that on the show. >> gretchen: i guarantee you if right now. >> brian: put a robe on. don't just run down. bomb shell new report suggest that the white house new within 24 hours that the deadly terrorist attack on the consulate. yet the president has yet to say so. peter doocy in washington with more. >> you are right. according to secretary of state hilary clinton al-qaida was behind the raid on the consulate in benghazi not only is al-qaida carrying out acts of terror but sabtage libya's effort to build a post gaddafi
3:30 am
government. >> they are working with violent extremist to undermine in. as we saw in benghazi. >> president obama still hasn't called what happened in libya a terrorist attack and that outraged senators graham we recognize al-qaida involved in the terrorist attack is an inconvenient truth for a president who claims to be destroying al-qaida. but is it not too much to ask why the president and his administration took so long to state what appeared obvious about what happened in benghazi. aboard air force one. jay carny explainsine though we haven't heard it from the president. mr. obama considers what happened on 9/11 in benghazi a terrorist attack and mr. carny
3:31 am
explained that the president spoke the attack at the united nations assembly and made it clear it is wholy unacceptable to respond to a video with violence. mr. carny said it is it by definition a terrorist attack when there is it a prolonged assault on the embassy with weapons. and the fbi is trying to figure out who used it against us. the secretary of state yesterday thinks it was al-qaida. >> gretchen: peter dec live in dc. thank you so much >> brian: when did it happen september lenth? within 24 hours we had a name and fox news.combret baer. they knew all of the answers and suddenly the secretary of state is coming around. >> steve: a lot of good questions for john mccane who will with us and then rudy guiliani. we have a big show. put down the clicker, rail.
3:32 am
>> gretchen: imagine seeing a man carrying a grenade launcher in the middle of a street. 39 year old michaelatureley dress said up a 16 year old nefew because he wanted to test police response time. cops arrested the phoenix man two months after it was posted on youtube. >> steve: a major defense contractor slashing jobbings. there are looming defense cuts to be blamed for the lay offs. it will slash 500 million in the defense unless congress steps in. it s all about the sequester. >> brian: incredible. he's no master of disguy. an illegal immigrant was trying to hide in a seat to cross the border from morroro
3:33 am
to spain. police touched the seat and felt a human. he was ticklish. all three were taken boo custody. >> gretchen: these heels are made for walking. looking for relief for women walking around heelings. a massachusetts woman comes with convert. they start out short and get taller it is called day to night and start around $300. that would aleviate me from going from flip flop to five inch. >> brian: greatest invention is the pocket chair and this is bigger. >> gretchen: i waited for the guy's take. >> brian: this is bigger. >> steve: kind of like they came out with the schools that were roll are skates. >> brian: they took off didn't they. i haven't seen anyone walking
3:34 am
or skating. >> gretchen: out on the promenade from time to time. >> brian: if you have shoe skates our winnow >> steve: no, it is raining. >> brian: don't make a excuse. >> steve: let me show you the maps where it is ranning and from the doppler and radar, we have smashed them together alllet way from new york city and back to portions . ohio valley and tennessee valley and mississippi valley and missouri valley. we have rain and it continues in the rio grande valley a lot of people in the central plain states getting rain. much of dixie land nice and dry temperatures in the 60s and cents. and 70 currently in memphis. in the northern plains it is chilly. we have temperature necessary the 30s right now minneapolis and 49 in rapid city. later on today. looks like 92 in dallas, fort worth. and 86 in raleigh and caribou
3:35 am
maine and portions of new england will be in the 50s and meanwhile down in tampa. that is a great place to be today it is 90 beautiful degrees speaking of tampa, brian. >> gretchen: you know what. you are becoming an expert. >> brian: i am starting tompt it is time to go back to bob mackey in the rebuilding your dreams tour in florida. everybody there is there to learn, hey, bob. >> good morning, brian. a lot of people are coming in and taking studios. what is your name. >> i am paul. >> my question is, there are so many things going on. you had a specific issue you would like us to address. >> one of your previous segment you talked about debt forgiveness and impending changes in the tax implications. the if you could bring us up
3:36 am
to date. >> i talked about the mortgage relief act that was passed in 07 and expires this year and said if you have a primary residence and foreclosed or short sale forgiveness, do you have to pay taxes. if it was original debt and refinanced and you get a 1099 c and cancellation of debt. you don't have to pay taxes. the problem is that law expires this year. if they don't extend that law. devastation in america with bankruptcy and things like that are amazing and we are hoping to finance it and voted to extend that. it is it an selection year. guess what is going to happen? they will. they real well i will go to another here. >> thank you for being here. what is your question. short sales on banks they are
3:37 am
reaching a saturation point. they stopped doing it. and short sales that may take 30 or 60 or 90 days and they are going 6 or eight or nine months and distressed properties and it is affecting the total property value. >> brian: problem is on short sales, guys. those who make the rule. you can't force them states that passed laws and guide lines on how long they are getting back to you. somebody wants to walk away. unfortunately until they regulate it more, they have their own prot coal and not much you can do except hound them. as a realtor you have to hound and push them and let them know you will lose your buyer and other than that it is a tough role with short sales and lenders in this country. >> appreciate it >> come on
3:38 am
over here. what is your name. >> ron russell. >> you are from this area. what is your question. >> we did a sponsorship mortage from our daughter and the mortgage was paid down to that point. that was our exposure and what we were now they are treating us as co-signers on the mortgage rather than a sponsorship of that amount. >> one of the thingings i have done is a panel of experts one of whom is in the lending business. in this situation his water wanted a loan modiction. if you want it modified, we want you the parents to co-sign for a pacific amount. we want them to be responsible for the entire debt on the modiction unfortunately they have the gold and they make the rules and the question is modiction the right thing to do.
3:39 am
why do you modify versus short sale or foreclose? that's what we are lookingalt today. a lot of people here. anyway, we are pressed for time. a lot of great questions and audience and i will start my presentation and be back with you in a little while. >> gretchen: thank you bob. >> steve: there was nothing. and he's working the audience. straight ahead on thursday. keep your kids in school or lose your welfare benefits. a fair and balanced debate is coming up. >> brian: what is the real reason that our embassy was attacked in libya? judge napalitano on debt with the reasons that both sides of the aisle might not like. >> steve: the judge requested the walk music. ♪ ♪ when you go down. ♪ you have my head around.
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♪ >> steve: time for quick head liance. university of the california paying out a million to group of students that were pepper sprayed in a occupy protest. last november a campus police officer sprayed the student at close range setting off a fire storm they will get a hand written apology . pastor rick warren in the hospital. he experienced arm pain and numbness in his fingers. it may be a virus spreading to his nerves. testing is being done to find out for sure. gretchen? president obama expressed the
3:44 am
node for free speech. >> brian: the attack necessary libya shouldn't come as a surprise especially the american people. judge, i am astounded by the attack. in 24 hours, we knew it was al-qaida and a threat all along and we are here getting the facts. >> the president on his own without the authority from the congress and without a consensus from the american people waged a war in lib can bombing colonel gaddafi who was an ally. president bush and tony blare. >> brian: he gave up his nuke to come back. >> he permitted american troops and law enforce intelligence to go. >> gretchen: but killed his own people. >> not a good die. but president obama's decision to kill him. he brought in people to run it far worse than colonel gaddafi
3:45 am
and same human beings. because they got out of the guantanamo bay that we fought against for the past 11 years it is no surprise as a result of what the president did destroying the gaddafi government. no government strong enough to protect our people and asset. he is afraid to admit that. has ambassador rice gotten on air and saying i was wrong? when the whole world knows it >> gretchen: she said the message and american people. and they'll not go back. >> it is all for the president to get reelected and he's causing officials of the government materially to mislead the american public to facilitate his election victory. >> brian: we are used to the al-qaida threats and attacks and we see the national intelligence and cia and
3:46 am
counterterrorism people we are seeing officials and getting former press secretaries to explain the policy of the administration. are they refusing to go forward. do they know their reputation is on the line? >> it is a very difficult truth for the president to regret. i don't always agree with senator mccane and graham but they hit the nail on the head with the letter. this president said he destroid al-qaida ask how can he acknowledge that>> gretchen: he's having his people do it so it never coming out of his mouth. like having it both ways. your people will admit it is terror and you don't. >> the president doesn't recognize a vast part of the middle east is it not ready for democracy it is more than a vote it is it a recognition
3:47 am
of a rule of law and human rights and for the president in the midst of the barbaric behavior. he's at point 10 and not started at one. >> morsi goes to the united nations and think one positive thing about president obama or america or apology. he condemns the stupid movie. >> it is it like because of this campaign, because he's running against mitt romney on essentially economic issues, he's giving such misleading information on foreign affairs and so we will talk about that rather than the lousy economy that he made worse. >> gretchen: thank you, judge for your analysis. see you soon. one state said get your kids to the classroom or lose your benefits. is that too harsh in >> brian:
3:48 am
kids say they are left starving over the federal government new lunch rules. ♪ . ♪ we are hungry. ♪ set the -- >> steve: it is the athletes that are having problems survivor. and sound advice that is hard to swallow. ♪ ♪ we are hungary. -- hungry. [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation,
3:49 am
not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
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3:51 am
>> gretchen: do youment a welfare check? here's the catch. state of michigan refusing to cut checks if children miss too much school . joining us from the michigan
3:52 am
department of human service, good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> gretchen: cheril, you are expanding an initiative and how does welfare correlate with kids going to school? >> one of the things we want to insure are breaking generational poverty and starts with the children. if they are regularly attending school they are going to graduate and they will be successful dults that's where it starts out and we want to insure all children have an opportunity to be successful. >> gretchen: it is my understanding if they miss 10 days or more benefits are cut off and your office will try to work with them? >> the truancy rate is defined by the school district. what we will do. in the initial application of benefits and if they are reassigned and child's 16, 17, and 18 birthday.
3:53 am
we'll verify they are in school and get the information from the school itself and if it said they are regularly attending school it will continue . if they are not, unless there are excused absence such as illness we'll terminate benefits. >> marine you are against this, why? >> well, it is an insidous did monic veiled to try to figure a stereo type that stipulates a notion that welfare recipients are lazy and unmotivate we don't value edcadings and it is it stereo typical and continue aation . attack against poor women and poor children and not an attack on poverty. there are no problems with truasbestosy and no ghost that said welfare resievients and
3:54 am
their children are errant in attending school. if there is it a truancy problem. then what we should find out reasons why they are not going to school. department. humans would be better served if miss cheril who is a wonderful person could figure out how to break out food stamps that are coming in at 1.29 sents a day per person. it is it a red herring. >> gretchen: do you believe that kids will get a better education if they show up for school? >> i believe that all education is important and that edcadings is it a way out of the poverty. i don't believe in order to make education available to kids we do is threaten the parents and the rest of the family with cutting off benefits. those are two different arguments. >> gretchen: in new york they pay kid toz go to school. do you see this as an
3:55 am
incentive for parent to pay more attention and make sure their kids show up? >> no, it is it pure and simple punishment. no other group much people are targelted in michigan to say what about the other kids who are not household. >> gretchen: i understand your point and let me get cheril to respond because i am running out of time. cheril >> steve: -- >> you asked a question in we can do to help. we have dedicated social workers placed in elementary schools. their goal is to be proactive instead of reactive. they will look at the core root. we don't want to cut benefits but we want to insure that children are in school and do what we can to help them get there. if it means to rally around and see what the root cause is. weemdo that.
3:56 am
>> gretchen: program starts october 1st. you heard both sides. thank you for joining us on "fox and friends". viewers let us know what you think about that. pizza party is so yesterday. and now alligator parties. the man who has them joins us next. ♪ s is stacy from springfield. oh whoa. s is stacy from springfield. hello? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire. droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, droid does.
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get two times the pointsal. on dining in restaurants a real difference. with chase sapphire preferred. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is thursday, september 27. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. don't believe your eyes. polls show the president running away with the race in key battle ground areas. but is the data on track? we'll explain what's really going on here. >> brian: good. did you know women voters are not concerned with what's happened the last four years? that's what the obama campaign just said. you agree? >> steve: meanwhile, the nfl now cutting a deal that would bring back the real referees. >> brian: so soon? >> steve: will they be ready in time for tonight's game or could
4:00 am
this debauchle occur again? oh, really? "fox & friends" hour two for hours starts right now. >> steve: we really should use our whisper voice. bob massi is doing his rebuilding your dreams tour. we've been telling you about it. today is the day. goes down to treasure island, the tampa, florida area, to help all those people there save their houses and houses of their loved ones. >> brian: right. he's traveled 3,000 miles to make this happen. he lives in nevada. >> steve: not only is he doing the seminar, but also he's got other experts to come in and talk about lending, things like that. he opened it up to everybody and a bunch of people showed up. >> gretchen: it's not only in florida people need help, but all across the country. that's why we're bringing it live to you throughout the rest of today's show. in the meantime, we begin your headlines with a fox news alert.
4:01 am
around midnight, the nfl and referees union reached a tentative eight-year contract deal. just in time for the regular refs to tonight. no word on specifics. but the union was looking for improvement retirement benefits. both began intense negotiation after monday night's call this gave the seahawks a win over the packers. a report suggesting the white house knew within 24 hours that the attack on the consulate was the work of al-qaeda. hillary clinton said they were behind the 9-11 raid and those same terrorists are also trying to sabotage libya's efforts to build a post-gadhafi government. >> working with other violent extremists to undermine the democratic transattentions underway in north africa as we saw in benghazi. >> gretchen: jay carney says the f.b.i. is trying to figure out who is behind the attack. there may be a break in the 37-year-old murder mystery of
4:02 am
union boss jimmy hoffa? a credible tip leading michigan police to a house in roseville where his body may be buried under the driveway. police will be out there tomorrow to dig and take soil samples. hoffa, who led teamsters, went miss not guilty july, 1975. >> brian: we can't bring him back. why are we trying to find his dead body? we've showed you teens at a kansas high school launching a lunchroom revolt against the obama administration's new calorie limits. ♪ tonight we are hungry ♪ . >> gretchen: the usda says it has a solution. putting the blame on parents for not giving them snacks. many people outraged over new cafeteria regulations that only allow high schoolers 850 calories. those are your headlines.
4:03 am
>> brian: always goes back to the parents. >> steve: of course, blame the parents. teachers, no problem. moving on, iran's nuclear program will be front and center when benjamin netanyahu takes the floor at the united nations general assembly. david lee miller is out in the rain on the east side of manhattan and joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. the good news is, the rain has stopped. the controversy here at the united nations continues. the reviews of sorts continue to pour in regarding ahmadinejab's speech yesterday before the general assembly. some have described it as a kinder, gentler ahmadinejab, while others have said that he should not be compared to gandhi. in many ways he's stuck on the same familiar themes that he has for years, specifically he mentioned that israel, in his words, is an uncivilized zionist threat against what he described as his great nation. then in a broader attack, he
4:04 am
went after western foreign policy in general. he also singled out the united states and he said that u.s. election system where you have candidates spending millions and millions of dollars cannot have the interests of the world at heart. he also called for structural reforms at the united nations. now, in a few hours time, we do expect a rebuttal of sorts to the position of ahmadinejab. that's when the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu is expected to speak here at the united nations. that will be probably early this afternoon or late this morning. he has indicated that he is going to speak in detail about the iranian threat and to make sure that what he described as the at this rancal regime of iran, will not have nuclear weapons. and the additional thing to look out for today, also speaking will be the palestinian prime minister, abbas. it's expected he today is going
4:05 am
to ask the united nations to reclassify the palestinian authority as a state, but one that does not have voting rights. a great deal of controversy. it all starts in a few hours time. back to you. >> steve: david lee miller at the united nations. thank you. >> gretchen: let's talk about this, in 40 days, we have a presidential election between president obama and governor mitt romney. one of the big important things are the swing states. that's where you see the candidates going now, ohio, florida, virginia, new hampshire, florida, wisconsin, pennsylvania possibly. so you see a lot about these polls now. there was a big poll that came out yesterday that in ohio, florida and pennsylvania has the president up over mitt romney by as much as ten points. so the question this morning is, how is that data collected and is it done in a fair manner? >> brian: karl rove was on yesterday with bill o'reilly. he's the one who does it. he was the one who sat there when president bush was losing
4:06 am
in certain states in florida, he was the one who sat there and said, that's not what i have. he also, same thing with kerry. he said the polling is different. he has an incredible intellect when it comes to this stuff. so we were curious and so was bill o'reilly. listen. >> for a very good reason. let's take florida first. got the white board for you. a little bit of context here. the biggest poll that -- the most important thing about a poll is its partisan matrix, the division between republicans, democrats and independents. the biggest poll we have to understand what the partisan matrix is about are the exit polls. in 2008, florida had 3 points more democrats than republicans. in 04, four points less democrats. more republicans than democrats voted in 04. in 00. two point advantage to the democrats. the cbs "new york times" poll has nine points more democrats than republicans. do we really think the democrat
4:07 am
margin over republicans in florida is going to be three times what it was in 2008? that is to say, the democrats are that much more wired up this time around? >> steve: so it is curious because the "new york times," according to the poll they did with cbs, barak obama up by ten of the as karl said last night with bill o'reilly, it looks like what they're doing is they're actually talking to about ten points more democrats. that perhaps could explain why a local newspaper, the columbus dispatch, shows barak obama just up by five points. why would the main stream media do this? according to a republican pollster named john mcclock lain is to suppress republican turnout through what he calls media polling bias. people are starting to do the early voting and if the message gets out there and the main stream media, shows over action mitt romney is going to lose,
4:08 am
don't bother voting. >> brian: how can anyone vote before the debates. they have it as a dead heat with rasmussen nationally. the only one. >> steve: 2% more democrats than republicans. it's 38 to the democrats. 36 republican, and 26 for the independents. >> gretchen: i do think there is a subliminal message in these daily polling things which isn't always great for the voter because it can sort of build this ground swell of fact, kind of like when you go to the movie theater and they used to put up the images of popcorn and coke and you didn't know it was happening to you. so the more you hear about it, then you get that mindset. however, i think that the candidates should not even look at the polls. remember george w. bush used to say that? mitt romney needs to figure out, let's say he's down three, five, ten points. he needs to figure out how to define his message and get to the people of those swing states and pretend like he is actually down in the polls.
4:09 am
you usually fight harder when you are. >> steve: there is no doubt the main stream media has the deck stacked against mitt romney. and if they are stacking the deck with the polls as well, at least we're telling you that's a possibility. we asked you for some e-mail. judy in florida says, quote, i definitely feel the media tweaking the polls to give the appearance everybody wants president obama to win and to take away momentum from mitt romney. i think people will be surprised, quite surprised on election day. >> brian: no doubt, says jason, governor romney must break through the media bias by being aggressive and be on message and discuss the failures of the president. you can be aggressive and not personal. that's one of the concerns. what you are describing is a concern about our show. live, we could have fun. the daily show, they can have fun. but i worry about the people's perception of our show that don't watch it because the people that watch understand we're being attacked through comedy. >> steve: one of the things is then a whole new audience gets
4:10 am
to see a little of us and if they stop and watch us in the morning, they'll realize what we're talking about. >> gretchen: let's talk about this because stephanie cutter, one of the president's main spokespersons out there, said the other day that women are not really concerned about what has happened over the past four years. they're only concerned about this. >> that's the other thing that you find most often with women. they're not really concerned about what's happened over the last four years. they really want to know what's going to happen in the next four years. >> steve: women aren't concerned about what happened over the last four years. only in four years. >> gretchen: the messaging that goes on with women. you saw this at the democratic national convention. that it seemed to many people like it was one issue for women, that it was all birth control and whether or not the republicans are going to take that away from you. that seemed to be the messaging. but i think when you go out and ask women and let me know what you think about it -- what are
4:11 am
your concerns this election season? do you have the same concerns as men? for the most part, women are probably going to tell you they are also concerned about gas price, concerned about not anal to find a job. they're concerned about their pocketbook and concerned about the future for their children and grandchildren. or is it just one issue and you didn't care at all about what happened in the last four years? >> steve: stephanie cutter is paid to gloss over the last four years because they do not work well for her boss, the president. and ann romney was on with greta and as she takes a look at the last four years for women, what did she see? it's something different than miss cutter. >> the biggest difference, and it's the women that come up to me in the campaign trail. i will tell you four years ago, women that would speak to me had a lot of different concerns on their mind. this time around it is nearly universal that they're talking about jobs, the economy, their future, and they're talking
4:12 am
about debt and entitlement and everything that is so critical that we make sure that we get a hold on this economy or we're going to see ourselves facing the kind of crisis if we don't address some of these things. >> steve: one of the poor things for the president coming up, there is a brand-new business round table report coming out where they poll ceo's and asked, how is the last quarter? they she had bleak. as for hiring in the future, they say there will definitely be job cuts in the next six months. so from the business round table, not look good. >> brian: not good for defense. david cameron needs a life line. >> the literal translation was what? >> again, you're testing me. >> boy it would be good if you knew this. >> yeah, it would be. >> gretchen: you got to be careful when go on talk shows like this. cameron, no whiz on letterman's quiz. but were they fair questions? >> brian: terrified passengers
4:13 am
told to brace for impact when suddenly the unthinkable happens. that story ahead i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one.
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>> when you can see policies that have not created the jobs america needs, then you know it's time to choose a new leader. >> gretchen: we've been talk being it all morning, recent polls show that governor mitt romney is trailing the president by as much as ten points in the very important state of ohio. so should we believe the poll numbers? let's ask the co-host of "the five," andrea and juan williams. good morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: andrea, should we believe the polls? >> not all of them, no. you played the sound from karl rove on "the o'reilly factor"
4:17 am
last night explaining that the sample is off in a lot of these polls. are we really to believe that cbs "new york times" and the "washington post" poll and others are banking on the fact that president obama is not just going to reach 2008 turnout levels, but he's going to blow them out of the water? no. so still, you have to look at these polls and you have to look at them skeptically. i do think in some of them, ohio particularly, the president is leading a slight bit. but what does it tell when you the media actually has to skew the polls to help the president out? that they're very, very scared and very, very nervous and they should be because it's a lot closer than this incumbent president should want it to be at this point in time. >> gretchen: juan? >> i don't think anybody is weighting any polls. these are credible news organizations, including fox news channel. what you see is when people self identify, it's not like weighted where we're weighting this many democrats or republicans. people weight themselves.
4:18 am
our pollster here at fox said that's constantly shifting. so you see people in these major news organizations putting their credibility on the line and it's not just one poll. it's several polls. it's not just one snapshot in time. these a trajectory over several weeks. >> the lead isn't that big, juan. it's not. >> i'm just telling you that the polls are credible even though you don't want to believe them. >> gretchen: for example, the columbus dispatch, the local newspaper in ohio, has obama up by five. so this other national poll in ohio has him up by ten. so there is always a margin of error within polls. let me ask you this: should the candidates even look at these polls or should they just go out and figure out how to win? andrea, yesterday mitt romney said he's not going to get necessarily more aggressive when it comes character assassination of president obama. does that sound like john mccain four years ago? >> it sounds like a huge, huge mistake on his part. the only poll that matters, of
4:19 am
course, is on election day and i worked on campaigns before. you can't not look at polls. gretchen, for mitt romney to say that he's not going to directly go after the president when we see his record so dower and pathetic and knowing the media isn't covering any of this. his huge gaffe was not admitting we were attacked by al-qaeda and where was the media on this? the ohm person that can take the president to task is mitt romney. the pressure it on for denver. i'll be there for "the five," but he really has to bring it because the media won't do that. >> gretchen: ten seconds. >> i think the big x factor is extremely passionate voters on the republican side. i think romney has a slight edge there and a little bit on the foreign affairs side that andrea is talking about. if you look among senior, look on the economy, all those key issues right now are trending towards president obama in the voters' minds and people getting comfortable with the idea of a
4:20 am
second term. >> gretchen: 40 days and counting and three debates. thanks. have a great day. >> you too. >> gretchen: police department going to the dogs. there is only one officer left. it's a police dog. a new way to celebrate your child's birthday. the man behind alligator pool parties here next i knew it'd be tough on our retirement savings, especially in this economy. but with three kids, being home more really helped. man: so we went to fidelity. we talked about where we were and what we could do. we changed our plan and did something about our economy. now we know where to go for help if things change again. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get free one-on-one help from america's retirement leader.
4:21 am
for the spender who needs a little help saving. for adding "& sons." for the dreamer, planning an early escape. for the mother of the bride. for whoever you are, for whatever you're trying to achieve, pnc has technology, guidance, and over 150 years of experience to help you get there. ♪
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4:23 am
>> brian: news by the numbers. 8%. that's how much the median household income has dropped since president obama took office. 6% of that came after the so-called recovery began in 2009. this according to the sentier research. 19%. that's how many american householes are currently paying off student debt amid increasing college enrollment. and my soccer number, but that doesn't apply here. it's the highest number in student debt we've seen in more
4:24 am
than two decades. finally, a million bucks. that's how much these occupiers will get from the university of california in settlement money. last november they were pepper sprayed in the face by police. they're also going to get a letter of apology. that adds up to $30,000 each. now they can buy books. and a new tent. >> steve: meanwhile, take a look at this. forget about clowns when it comes your kid's next birthday party. how about a gator in the pool? a florida businessman now offering a up alligator pool parties in your own backyard. let's talk to the guy behind the parties, the owner of the alligator attraction down in florida, bob barrett. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: okay. so alligator business kind of been slow lately and so somebody came up with this idea to take gators to people's parties. what's the reaction been? >> it's been very well received. the kids just love it. it's something different, something that they have that a
4:25 am
lot of the other children do not have. >> steve: we're looking at one of the gator handlers in the pool with the kids. at any point do they just let that gator go wild with the children in the pool? >> no. we're always in the pool with the gator. it's not a wild gator. these are all gators that have been raised and have been handled constantly. excuse the pun, but it's a different animal than a wild gator. >> steve: as i look at the video there, it doesn't look like the chompers are taped shut. the kids are just petting the alligator. the mouths are taped shut, right? >> the law says any time they're out of their enclosure, the mouth has to be banded and we use veterinary gauze for the mouth for the tape. >> steve: okay. 'cause i don't see any duct tape on there and that, according to the officials in the state, they're okay with this, right?
4:26 am
>> that's correct. obviously you have to be licensed. you have to have knowledge. you have to have experience. and we're fully licensed and obviously been checked out several times in the last couple of days. >> steve: what has the reaction been from some of the parents when the kids come home after the party and they say, by the way, there was a gator in the pool? >> we don't get that part of it, but usually they find out about us by coming in to the attraction, seeing how safe it is, how we handle the gators. they generally handle a gator before they decide to book a pool swimming party. we do birthday parties, sump camps, educational programs, vacation bible schools. >> steve: that's great. you got all the bases covered. as long as it's safe and the kids don't get hurt, i'm sure that's going to be the highlight of their summer vacation if they were in the pool with a gator. bob barrett, the owner of the alligator attraction in florida. thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you.
4:27 am
>> steve: that's something. straight ahead, breaking news from the nfl, the real refs are coming back. will it be in time for tonight's game? one of the hardest hit areas in the foreclosure crisis in florida. we sent bob massi to tampa to help. we'll go live to his seminar for advice that everybody is watching.
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
4:31 am
>> election update. mitt romney's campaign said president obama is spying the ball too early in ohio. recent poll showed obama pulling ahead. obama hasn't earned that win yet, which is why today the nfl replacement refs gave it to him anyway. >> gretchen: lot of talk about the replacement refs. maybe they will be on the show more often 'cause they won't be doing the games anymore. >> brian: i hope they have a dramatic walk on. >> gretchen: i hope they don't make mistakes. >> steve: the guy who made the big mistake, now he can go to his regular job of being a banker. >> brian: i feel bad for them. but the lockout is over.
4:32 am
they didn't want to change their pension plans to 401(k). i'll just imagine what the prompter looks like because they refuse to roll. the union has reached a tentative deal and will be back on the field tonight. our reporter has more from outside penn station. no rain? >> no rain, brian. look what i'm doing. i'm tebowing. >> brian: you're not happy. >> there are a lot of people tebowing this morning. let me tell you what's going on, this agreement was reached right around midnight our time right here in new york. what it is is basically like you're saying, the referees will get a better benefit package, pension package and talk of increment raises, $30,000 a year, which is not very bad. but it was all because of what happened monday. arguably the worst call in nfl history during that game between the packers and the seahawks. the blown call there.
4:33 am
it was that that spurred these around the clock sessions that took place right after that. again, they talked all night into the night on tuesday as well as yesterday so that agreement was reached right around midnight today. so what are the people saying? what are the fans saying? we talked to a few in midtown. we've been here since 4:00 o'clock this morning. he's is what a few had to say. >> nfl is all about the brand. it's a business. you can't afford to treat your customers like that. >> it's a tough position that the replacement referees were put in, trying to do their best. it's better for the game as a whole. >> what will happen, with the 21 officials, the back up ref also go through a developmental program within the nfl. however, they will not be calling any games. they will train with the referees. basically before i say good-bye, i want to say it one more time, are you ready for some football? >> brian: we had football. we just didn't have rules. now we have some rules.
4:34 am
>> steve: are you ready for some good football? >> gretchen: i think antoine is excited. he's a football fan. >> brian: right. people might be able to actually preserve their careers now because it's getting way too violent. people think penalties weren't being called. i think they should wait and it will be one of the most unique moment, for the referees to get a standing ovation as they walk out from the players and the fans. i think it will be fantastic. >> steve: have them come out of the tunnel as the opposing team. >> gretchen: how about the packers getting their game back? what if it comes down to the division that they are off by one game? >> brian: this is what i say to the packers, is that we were always told that if the referees are like the field, you can not control the environment. you can not control the referees. you have to adapt. the packers are a team of champions. they know they should have made the adjustment. they know they should have had a bigger lead to depend with. they're a much better team. therefore, they've learned from
4:35 am
that. i wouldn't be surprised if they reeled off eight or nine straight wins. >> gretchen: why did he reel off a hail mary then? >> i have no idea how to follow up. >> steve: it's impossible to put toothpaste back in the tube. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. bob massy is down in tampa right now. it's all part of his seminar. bob, you're there in a room at treasure island with a bunch of people who are desperately trying to save their houses or property. people have got questions for you and you're going to answer them live on the television show right now. >> yeah. we do. sorry about that. i wasn't looking right at you. we have a lot of people asking questions. what is your name? >> robin. >> robin, what's your issues? >> i bought a condo for 120,000 and now they're selling for 30 to 35,000. and our hoac has gone up every year since we've got therein and in january, it's going to go up to over $500 every three months. i can't pay my mortgage and my hoa at the same time. >> the problem with this is because the fact that you have
4:36 am
many places that have been foreclosed on or short sold, the hoa dues, the other people are paying the price of the other people that have left. so your situation is very tough because you're talk being $500 a month, plus a mortgage payment. so at this point in time, you can't control what the hoa is doing. they have the right, they have discretionary powers. you have to make a decision and that is do you loan modify, try to short sale, even if you want to keep the house? depending upon the value of that property, is going to depend upon how you make that decision. if you're that under water, off tough decision. on its face, if you can't pay for it, you ought to get advice on deciding short sale, modification, or let it go to foreclosure. it's that simple. the numbers, unfortunately today, the numbers rule the destiny of the homes that we live in. that's how it works. all right? we'll talk after. larry, come on up. how about this american flag? how can we help you? n my wife, a quick history.
4:37 am
i lost my job in 08. my wife lost her job in 09. we went through all of our savings over the next couple years, had to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. we're now waiting for news on when we need to move out. when they're going to foreclose. and we want to know how it restore our credit. >> two things, first of all, what's amazing is that the man was bankrupt, lost everything. very common scenario in this country. and now the lender to show you how dysfunctional they are, he's been living there two years not making payments. that's how much it goes through the cracks. at the beginning of this presentation, i explain how we got here, how complicated this process is. credit will come back. if you continue to pay on your consumer debts. your credit cards, your car payments, fico score also come back up. fh arrange is supposed to come out with an announcement. they're talking about it. so it's not definitive, that even if you file bankruptcy, even if you've been foreclosed on, even if you have a short sale, they will, if your credit score is over a certain amount,
4:38 am
give you the right to buy again it will take some time. i do believe there will be amnesty with credit eventually. goes to show you guys, these lendsers are so far gone, he's bankrupt. even your money. enjoy yourself. go to vegas on a vacation. what do you think? >> i'll come out to visit you. >> we'll take your money over there to help pay the taxes. real quick, please. >> my question is, we owe like 260 on our house, 220 the first mortgage. 40 on the second. home is worth like 100,000. we don't have credit card debt. we can make the payments. how do you know when it's time? >> personal choice. if you're under water 50, 60%. i can't make the decision for you. but at some point as i told our audience today, you got a tough decision to make because you're spending good money after bad. if you don't see the value of your house going up in your neighborhood, if you don't think that it's ever going to get back to where it was, which by the way it won't, then at some point you got to say, enough is enough. then you can look at the short
4:39 am
sale process we've talked about, the modification process and ultimately you're going to lose your home to some type of foreclosure. if i'm 50% under water and my property is going bad, see you later. i'll live there 'til they tell me to get out or short sale my house. >> it goes to show you, steve, gretchen and brian, that this problem is epidemic. it doesn't matter. the e-mails we get every week all over the country, the frustration that homeowners are feeling that they're not being dealt with arm's length with the lenders, goes to this level of frustration. a man who worked all his life and worked everything, living in a home after bankruptcy, it's unbelievable. but it's reality. that's why we're here napa trying to help them rebuild their dreams. >> steve: lots of people with desperate questions about their situations. bob will answer more life as he continues his seminar in treasure island in the next hour. bob, thank you. >> gretchen: prime minister david cameron decided to go on
4:40 am
david letterman's show, but did he need a life line? >> you have magnet -- >> again, you're testing me. [ laughter ] >> boy, it would be good if you knew this. >> yeah, it would be. >> steve: cameron no whiz on letterman's quiz last night. he was trying to figure out what magna carta means. it's charter. >> gretchen: he knew what year it was. he knew that part and i'm trying to figure out why that's comedic. a new report claims u.s. intelligence agencies had strong indications al-qaeda was behind the attack in benghazi right away. senator john mccain here to react live on the curvy couch. you kidding me? >> steve: don't worry, no magna carta questions
4:41 am
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♪ hi dad. many years from now, when the subaru is theirs... hey. you missed a spot. ...i'll look back on this day and laugh. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> gretchen: 44 minutes after the top of the hour. it was as if the hand of god turned the wheel.
4:44 am
those words coming from a member of the disaster response team following what some are calling a miracle landing at jfk airport. watch this. see the landing gear? failed on a flight coming from rio. 190 people on board told to brace for impact. amazingly, when it was just 50 feet above the runway, the landing gear locked into place, touchdown was smooth. no one was hurt. one police department going to the dogs. literally. after the chief quit, the only officer left on the squad is a german shepherd. this is nikka. the former drug sniffing dog and only certified member on the force in vaughn in new mexico employees one human officer, but he got in trouble last year and isn't allowed to carry a gun or mailcars. it's all up to the dog, i guess. >> brian: bombshell report suggests the white house knew within 24 hours the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya was the work of al-qaeda. this report also says they knew exactly who the master mind was within 24 hours. still despite the evidence, the
4:45 am
administration declared repeatedly that it was a spontaneous attack. listen. >> since our founding the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. >> we have no information to suggest it was a preplanned attack. it is not a reaction to the 9-11 anniversary that we know of. >> this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. >> we don't know yet. so we're going to continue and investigate this. >> brian: they changed their tune. if that report is correct, they're flat outlying, admitting the attack was terrorism. some lawmakers wants to know was the white house misleading the public? with us now is john mccain who said from the opening moment this is a terrorist attack and later on we'd find out al-qaeda was behind it. senator, your reaction to that plethora of clips? >> the thing that's disturbing about this is the naivety and absolute fundamental ignorance of warfare.
4:46 am
look, this was an attack on its face. reason why -- heavy weapons, mortars, a well synchronized, direct fire and indirect fire attack. for them to somehow believe this was a result of a demonstration or anger over a video. by the way, it's not the video. it's the islamists that are pushing the video. a fundamental misunderstanding of the basics of what was happening. >> brian: do you believe that or do you believe the reports that say they knew exactly what this was and didn't want to talk about it 'cause the "wall street journal" is saying that they are now finding out that as early as the spring, u.s. intelligence was worried about radical militias in eastern libya. >> of course, they knew about that and of course, now we know from ambassador stevens' diaries that he was concerned about the security. all of us knew about these militias, some had been infiltrated by al-qaeda radical islamist elements. there is allegations, i don't
4:47 am
a former gitmoue, one of the detainee. >> brian: that is in our report, we're standing behind it. you always tell it like it is. the fact is that were they flat outlying or you believe they were that much in the dark? i don't know what's worst, but i want to know your opinion. >> i have no idea. look, you got to put this in context very quickly. iraq, after sacrificing over 4,000 lives, is deteriorating. al-qaeda is back there. iranian airplanes are flying with airplanes. afghanistan, they just had a very sophisticated attack on one of the most heavily defended bases. six aircraft, $200 million were just lost. we can't train and organize with them. iran does not believe we are going to attack and of course, in syria, 25,000 people have been massacred. the president for the first time spoke up on their behalf, but didn't say we would do anything about it. >> brian: this was your opponent in 2008. do you believe this is politics,
4:48 am
pure politics at play to delay the game until after november 6? >> i'm sure there is some of that motivation to keep everything as it is until after november 4. but the thing that's really scary about it is that the people in the region believe the united states is weak and withdrawing. you do that, you leave a power vacuum. >> brian: it's bumps in the road, senator. the president of the united states says this is bumps in the road. >> assassination of our ambassador action the deterioration in iraq, the looming crisis with iran and, of course, afghanistan. did you ever hear the president of the united states utter the word, victory or success? since when do you gauge success or failure by dates of withdrawal? he does not understand american exceptionalism. he does not believe that america should lead. and all of these things flow from that. and it's really -- i understand
4:49 am
that this election is about jobs and the economy. i understand that. but i deeply regret that more americans don't know how serious this failed feckless foreign policy is. >> brian: you look to north africa, al-qaeda is everywhere and sadly, it's just as bad as it ever was, but we're just not getting that message. >> the libyan people do like us. the libyan people were outraged at what happened to chris stevens. but that doesn't change the fact that libya is not a nation under control. >> brian: senator john mccain, always great to have you in. >> thanks for having me on. >> brian: ten minutes before the top of the hour. one ad running in the key swing state of nevada is being called the most successful ad of the election season. so good it could change the balance of power in the senate. rule see next. first, on this day in 1964, "oh, pretty woman" by roy issueson was the number one song. later on i would be born in may of that year. more on that story when i return
4:50 am
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>> steve: most of the election is focused on the top of the ticket for president. there is a battle brewing for the u.s. senate. the republicans need a net gain of four seats to take back the senate and must hold on to the seats that they currently have in their control, including nevada. here with more on nevada is pollster and fox news contributor frank luntz. good morning to you. >> good morning. nevada is hot. hot for the presidential race. hot for the senate race and even a congressional race up there that's too close to call. that's why we're spending so much time out there. >> steve: in particular, the republican dean heller is taking on the democrat shelly berkeley. you've got two enam stances of their poll -- rather their tv commercials and what's the first one you'll show us? >> in favor of shelly berkeley.
4:54 am
it's actually the highest tested senate campaign ad of this election cycle so far. it talks about a fallen soldier and berkeley's involvement in his health. it's really remarkable. let's take a look. >> our son, justin, was one of the first marines sent into iraq. justin saw a lot of fighting and diagnosed with posttraumatic stress syndrome and the doctors who had diagnosed him just handed him a new prescription medications. shortly after that, is when he overdosed. my wife and i felt alone in our grief. not long after that, we were contacted by shelly berkeley. >> steve: very effective. >> the ad goes on to talk about what shelly berkeley did for that family and that gentleman gets very choked up. those end up close to the 80s. it's powerful because it's personal and it's our armed forces and we'll do anything for
4:55 am
our men in uniform. >> steve: let's look at the ad run by the republican. >> nevada, the battle born state. we fight for what's right and take responsibility when we're wrong. but not shelly berkeley. repeatedly accused of corruption. now her colleagues have voted unanimously to investigate her for personally profiting from her elected office. instead of fighting for nevada and unmoment and foreclosure, she fights for herself. this november, tell shelly berkeley she picked the wrong battle. we need someone who will fight for us. american teacher fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> steve: the red and green both went up. >> both went up high because of corruption. the american people say that they don't expect you necessarily to listen and to do what we want you to do. but we expect you to be honest with us and to treat us with respect and don't take our money from us. that's one of the reasons why this ad did so well. >> steve: in nevada, they'll have the first of three debates tonight. we'll be watching.
4:56 am
frank, thank you very much for a preview of what's happening. >> always a pleasure. >> steve: straight ahead, michelle malkin will join us live. and later on in the next hour, rudy guiliani ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does.
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4:59 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is thursday, september 27. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you have a fantastic day. thanks for sharing part of it with us. do you know who is being invited to the white house? a man on the f.b.i.'s watch list for being tied to a grandy had and threatening to conquer america. michelle malkin may have an opinion on that. and she's going to weigh in when she joins us live. >> steve: did you know this? when it comes to politics, most women don't care about the last four years. that's what that woman, stephanie cutter, just said. do you agree? we'll talk to michelle malkin about that as well. >> brian: prime minister david ram con needs a life line. >> the literal translation is what? >> again, you're testing me.
5:00 am
[ laughter ] >> boy it would be good if you knew this. >> it would be. >> brian: i felt bad for the guy. a tough question for the prime minister of england. "fox & friends" starts right now >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. the only point to that was to embarrass him. that was my opinion. why do you ask tough questions that don't matter? you've on a comedy show. >> steve: let's have our president go on letterman and have the president name all 57 states. >> brian: that would be interesting. listen, you have the best news of the day to start with. >> gretchen: really? >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: fox news alert. lockout is over. late last night the nfl and referees union reached a tentative eight-year contract deal just in time for the regular refs to work tonight's game. no word on the specific, but the union was looking for bigger salaries and improved retirement benefits. both sides begin intense
5:01 am
negotiations following this play that you keep seeing over and over and over again that many people want to forget. that was a controversial call that gave the seahawks a win over the packers. in other news, noncitizens be heading to the polls in florida in november? startling information reloosed by the florida department of state found 198 people are illegally registered to vote. only 38 have ever voted, though. most on the list live in south florida. officials say this may be too late to reverse before the november 6 presidential election. since the process can take up to two months to actually fix it once you know there is a problem. there may be a break in the 37-year-old murder mystery of union boss jimmy hoffa. tip leading police to a house in roseville where his body may be buried under the driveway. police will be out there tomorrow to dig and take soil samples. hoffa, who led the teamsters, went miss not guilty july of --
5:02 am
missing in july of 1975. here is a story we're talking about, david cameron may need to brush up on his country's history. >> when was the magna carta signed? >> 1215. >> now, i've been -- >> on on island in the thames. >> and the literal translation is what? you have magna? >> again, you're testing me. [ laughter ] >> boy, it would be good if you knew this. >> yeah, it would be. >> gretchen: wow. the translation of the magna carta? i wonder what percentage of people could tell you this. it's great charter. i mean, when you factor in, if you go to times square and ask people who the vice president is and 50% can't tell you, that's kind of unfair to david cameron. >> brian: or think paul ryan is running with barak obama to be the next president. >> steve: the people in times square love their naked cowboy. >> brian: every day. >> steve: he knows all of our
5:03 am
names and we know the name of michelle malkin. she is in colorado springs. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. no naked cowboys here. >> brian: thankful. >> steve: so far. let's talk about this, there is a report out that apparently somebody who has been identified by the f.b.i. as an operative for the muslim brotherhood has shown up at the white house. what can you tell us about that? >> yep. it's my report,, the subject of my column this week. and i think it's very important to know who this white house is consorting with under the guise of domestic faith based outreach. in april, it was recovered by fox news and certainly there was a lot of challenges by conservative media when the global overseas muslim brotherhood leadership from egypt came and visited the white house. there has been no attention paid to the fact that just a few days before that visit, a man visited
5:04 am
the faith-based director at the white house. joshua dubois. there is very little information about what exactly they talked about. and my opinion is, after look at this man's connections to so many jihadi friendly groups, including those who have been tied to terror financers, this guy seems to have served as an advance team on american soil for the global muslim brotherhood. in fact, investigative researchers have shown this guy was identified, point-blank as a muslim brotherhood operative and is involved in many organizations, including the sar group. and including the iiit, international islamic institute of thought that have been tied to past terror plots. >> brian: michelle, there is so many things wrong with him coming to the white house. number one, how did he pass the
5:05 am
background check? we can't go to the white house with a background check, whether you see the president or not, you have to difficult your social security number ahead of time. >> yeah. >> brian: aren't the security people on the docket fors? >> that's my question and exactly the point, brian, to make about the security standards here. you can't go to a michelle obama campaign event without showing your i.d somehow these guys are traipsing in and out of the white house and, of course, i've been reporting on the incomplete nature of these white house visitor logs for so long, i discovered this guy's name and it turned up that he has visited in march. where is the lap dog media talk being this? one more point about this guy, he turns out to be a major funder of the center for constitutional rights. that is the left wing law firm that has sprung so many gitmo detainees and has been proud of it and guess what? one of the detainees that they're responsible for springing is kumu, the guy who
5:06 am
is now considered the lead suspect in the benghazi attacks. full circle. if you don't collect the dots, you can't connect the dots. >> gretchen: there has been much made about the differing opinions and reasoning given by the obama administration about what actually happened there. so at first it was not a terrorist attack. then jay carney said that it was an obvious terrorist attack. but the president still not really calling it that. is this because the election is 40 days away? >> well, that certain israeli what many top gop congressional committee leaders believe now and they're making a big fuss about it, as they should. national security should not be politicized. the shifting narratives have been so dizzying that you need dramamine to follow it. you have mckeon and corker and several other members on capitol
5:07 am
hill who are pressing for another briefing. of course, this is all in the face of the likes of susan rice and jay carney who insist on clinging bitterly to their initial lies about what exactly happened there. >> brian: i wonder where this is going to go because there are so many questions still and no one is waiting for the administration anymore. you got a bunch of news outlets who are ticked off about what seem to be lied to. >> steve: something else, we played an hour ago this jaw dropper from one of the president's spokes people, stephanie cutter on the diane reams show yesterday. we're going to have you listen to it, along with everybody else and then commentary. >> that's the other thing that you find most often with women. they're not really concerned about what happened over the last four years. they really want to know what's going to happen in the next four years. >> steve: oh, really? looking forward, women are not concerned with what happened in the last four years with all those jobs lost and the economy in the dumper.
5:08 am
they're more concerned about looking forward. you believe that? >> well, you know what? i know that every thinking woman out there, when they hear this or have heard this over the last 24 hours is thinking, how stupid does this woman think we are? and i think it shows a basic amount of contempt that this administration has for independent women in this country. of course, that's the demographic that is so highly prized right now in this election. for her to claim that women are just going to let the last four years and this economic wreckage that the administration is responsible for just go down the memory hole? i don't think so. elections are about holding people accountable for their failures and that's what we're going to see. >> gretchen: i think what -- as a woman, i guess i can speak for myself. i think what is disappointing when you hear some rhetoric that women only think about one issue, i think that is what becomes condescending. so for example, that women only care about birth control, i
5:09 am
mean, any woman cares about the economy, the future of their children, gas prices, entitlements. >> brian: nfl refs. >> gretchen: 'cause i love football. is it condescending to put news a box and say we only care about one thing? >> of course it is. a couple months ago, there was a great ad mock this idea of the orthodox left. they said, obama basically runs what he considers a bureau of womanhood conformity. you could say the same thing about the entire feminist left. that they think we all only care about our reproductive organs and subsidized birth control. i think this kind of extremism is so out of touch with reality. but the more we see stephanie cutter on tv, the better. i think this woman is basically the joe biden of female operatives of the obama administration. she keeps lying. >> steve: that's harsh. >> and last night i call her on
5:10 am
hannity's stephanie cutter okio and somebody said better, selfnokio. >> brian: paul ryan said press crew, you want to follow me? he bought a hunting gear jacket for his ten-year-old daughter because he wants her -- she wants to go hunting and they want to go together. a lot of people have a problem with the camouflage jacket. do you? >> i certainly do not. i thought it was completely bizarre to see the reaction on the left. particularly in the twitter sphere to a loving dad doing something that is considered a great american tradition with his daughter and likening it to child abuse. so i let people know that i took my daughter to the shooting range for her 12th birthday this summer and it provoked huge counter backlash on social media of parents who stood up and proudly showed pictures of their own children hunting or shooting.
5:11 am
i really think that self-defense is the best gift that you can give any girl in particular, and that hunting is something that is not a crime. that people should not be afraid of. but of course, we've seen this huge backlash over the last year. we tracked it on, my twitter curation site, and now it is an international story. international papers have publicized it and i think the more parents that speak up in favor of the second amendment and defend paul ryan from the kind of marginalization and demonization tactics that we're association the better. >> steve: he's just trying to spend some time with his daughter and the twittersevere goes crazy. thank you very much for joining us on this thursday. we'll see you back next week. >> brian: does laser tag count for shooting? >> steve: yeah. >> brian: that's what my daughter asked for. so they are aiming and shooting. >> steve: at least it's not a gator. >> brian: we don't take animals. >> gretchen: one day after president obama's u.n. speech asking for peace, iran's president went on another anti-west rant.
5:12 am
is our current strategy work? peter johnson, jr. has thoughts on that next. >> brian: imagine seeing this on your way to work. a man aiming a rocket launcher right at your car. that story next. >> steve: is he wearing a sheet? ♪
5:13 am
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>> brian: one day after president obama delivered his moo he for peace at the u.n. iranian president ahmadinejab took the stage to blast israel and the west. >> new generation of weaponry
5:16 am
and the pledge to disclose these arm amounts on due time is now being used as a new language of threats against nations to co- others them to accepting a new era. continued threats by the uncivilized zionist to resort to military action against our great nation is a clear example of this bit of reality. >> brian: he's a great speaker, isn't he? are president obama's foreign policies enough to protects from people like that guy? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. is here with his reaction. >> brian: that makes his day that he can talk about uncivilized zionists that plays in a loop in his head, in his vile hate speech. i agree, hopefully we won't have to talk his name. he'll be done as president. it will continue, the regime will continue and the same hateful policies will continue. the issue is, is our foreign policy up to overcoming that? is our foreign policy strong
5:17 am
enough and success bent enough? we heard senator mccain talking about the fact that we don't hear from this president the word success. we don't hear from this president the word victory. we do hear gandhi-like statements about the brotherhood of man. we do hear statements about us and the united states affirming islam and we should affirm all religions and all religions' right to exist and be respectful of it. but when a presidency becomes about saying to the middle east, i understand you. i got you. i studied the religion at some point. i lived in that culture. we're for you. and then when egypt and yemen and other countries go to the united nations yesterday and say no, we reject what the president says about freedom of expression. we reject expressly your first amendment, then the president has failed. none of the messages -- >> brian: you would think they
5:18 am
would sneak in an apology in their lack of security burks that didn't come up. today it willen about netanyahu. there is more urgency today at this time, at this period in the world to get that nuclear program that iran is pushing forward stooped for good. i got to wonder what he's going to say today because this could be the most noteworthy speech. >> he'll talk about specific time lines. he'll talk about the need to act, about the united nations. >> brian: red lines. >> united nations lead knead to go act by a specific time, to sanction the stopping of the nuclear weapon for iran. the president in a milk toast, lukewarm speech the other day, absolutely made reference to it in elliptical vague way that we're going to stop it. but today we're going to hear from netanyahu fighting for a country's life, fighting for a people's life and saying listen, we were almost destroyed in this past century. does anyone remember the lessons of history? >> brian: what are we waiting for?
5:19 am
just real quick, to summarize the statement they put out, they felt as though unnamed top israeli official felt as though clinton had their back, so they could make concessions. they do not feel as though president obama has their back. we don't have that official's name. the government did defeat it out. >> the world understands and iran understands when we back off from our primary in the ally in the marx that sends a signal of weakness and unfortunately, may herald a war at some point. weakness only leads to war. >> brian: all right. thank you very much, peter. >> brian: a guy that knows all about terror coming our way. he was the mayor of new york during 9-11. rudy guiliani knows a little thing about foreign policy and what needs to be done. he'll be live with us to react to how the white house is handling our war on. florida is one of the hardest hit areas in the foreclosure crisis. so we sent bob massi to help. we'll go live to his rebuilding your dreams seminar for advice everyone could use. >> i think they're great and they could help a lot and they
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> brian: mexican navy nabbing one of its most notorious gang members. he's the leader of the zetas drug cartel reportedly surrendered without a single shot being fired. a fourth california cityseeing . atwater dealing with a debt, scrambling to play on the sewer bonds. they have until next week to declare a fiscal emergency, something the mayor says she is hoping to avoid. let's go to gretchen. >> gretchen: thanks very much. it's time to check back in now with fox legal analyst and real estate guru, bob massi. he's at the rebuilding your dreams tour in tampa, florida, one of the hardest hit cities affected by the housing crisis. you had a big crowd and helping
5:24 am
lots of people. >> yeah. we have a big crowd. we have more questions. your first name is jim. >> correct tell us what your faced with n i bought my home in 05. i lost my home in 09. i applied for a mortgage modification. i was told i didn't qualify because i had a severance package from my employer and 'til had money in the bank. so it took me 2 1/2 more years, finally closed the short sale about two weeks ago. now my credit has gone from mid 800s to mid 600s. my question is, how am i going to wherever? i'm a business owner and i have to use money. >> there is a common scenario right there. because he had some money in the bank from a severance package, even though he was under waterers he was able to show hardship, he lost his job, but even though he had a little bit of money put away, the bottom line is, the lender would not modify. so they forced him then to ultimately do a short sale. he's now depleted of all his money. now his credit is shot and the question is, how do you get back to it?
5:25 am
as i started to our group here, credit repair is something that is going to take time. keep your consumer debt current, your credit cards, your vehicles, keep them current. do those kinds of things. check your credit report. we talked about it, every six months. bottom line, it's going to take time. this is an american tragedy. his story is common. let's talk to scott. >> my question is, why are banks leery about principle reduction? they're giving away short sales. it seems like the owner of the home would have more of an interest and principle reduction. i know you talked about it a little bit. >> besides the fact that i load the banks. the bottom line is, gretchen, the principle reduction is something that everybody asks about. bob, why is it on a short sale? we talked about this today. that they won't take a $200,000 offer on a short sale. they'll foreclose on it, then they'll sell it for 150. why don't they just principle reduce to the homeowner? couple reasons. one, you have a 100 homes in a
5:26 am
development and 50 of those homes are current, they're all under water and 50 are behind. if everybody starts getting principle reductions, it's a domino effect. and as a result of that, what we're faced with is lenders do not want to principle reduce because they're afraid the domino effect could be overwhelming. one quick question? >> in our neighborhood we have homes that have been abandoned for four, five years. deteriorated. banks have no interest in doing anything. can we rent those homes? can somebody, if we know where the owner is, it's still in the owner's name -- >> real quick, as long as those homes that have been abandoned are still in the names of the homeowner, unfortunately, the hoa, homeowner association don't have any rights to step in, as long as the people walked away, unfortunately, the rest of the neighborhood suffers. values go down, lawns burn, i mean, the condition people breaking in homes. it's part of the crisis in america which is exactly why we're doing this to show people
5:27 am
that we have to move on. anyway is a consequence of the foreclosures. >> gretchen: lot of serious questions going on there and hardships and bob is there to help and try to answer those nome for people there, but across the country. >> steve: he'll northbound our after the show show. if you've got questions for bob, go to our web site and look for the rebuilding your dreams logo. 28 minutes after the top of the hour on this thursday. brand-new weekly jobless numbers going to be reloosed in two minutes. we will bring them to you live next. >> gretchen: then he was the mayor of new york city during september 11. rudy guiliani knows a little something about foreign policy. he's here next to react to how the white house is handling ours. >> steve: he's the major guest. >> gretchen: major mayor [ male announcer ] when a major hospital
5:28 am
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is ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go.
5:31 am
>> gretchen: fox business alert. the labor department releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers as they do every thursday morning. 359,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's down from the week before and it is lower than expected. if my memory serves me correct lyrics we were in the 370s or 380s last time. >> steve: they were expecting 378,000. so it's about a little under 20,000 better than that. >> brian: 28 minutes before the top of the hour. >> gretchen: the other stories making headline, imagine seeing this person, look at your video
5:32 am
screen. your tv. carrying what t like a grenade launcher in the middle of the street. it turns out it was all a hoax. police say 39-year-old michael dressed up his 16-year-old nephew because he wanted to test police response time after the dark knight movie massacre. police arrested the man nearly two months after the video was posted on youtube. mayor rudy guiliani off to the side line just passed out. >> steve: it was as if the hand of god turned the wheel. that's a quote. those words coming from a member of the disaster response team following what some are calling a miracle landing at jfk here in new york. a flight from rio was coming in for a landing when the landing gear apparently failed. 190 people on board told to brace for impact. when it was 50 feet above the ground, the landing gear locked into place. the landing was smooth. nobody on board was hurt. >> brian: the company that makes blackhawk helicopters slashing 600 jobs. they're bracing for big trouble in the event that congress
5:33 am
cannot cut a debt deal by the end of the year. if lawmakers miss the deadline, you have $500 billion that automatically get cut from the defense budget. down go the choppers. >> gretchen: state of michigan refusing to cut checks to parents if their kids cut school. it's a already line approach to increased attendance, but not everyone agrees on it. >> what it is is a continuation of the attack against poor women and poor children. we don't want to cut benefits. >> however, we do want to insure that children are in cool and we will do -- school and we will do what we can to try to help them to get there. >> gretchen: that program starts october 1. the kids actually have to miss ten days of school before it kicks in. >> steve: just one other note about the economy, a weak 1.3%, according to the figures just out. u.s. durable goods orders dropped 13% in august. the biggest decline in more than three years. >> brian: the white house claiming it took two weeks to call the murder of our
5:34 am
ambassador a terrorist attack because it needed to gather facts. a new report this morning says intelligence officials knew al-qaeda was involved within 24 hours. even had a guy that they thought was in charge and they had his name. peter doocy live at the white house. >> brian, secretary of state hillary clinton says she now suspects a north african affiliate of al-qaeda is to blame for that deadly 9-11 raid on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. she said it yesterday and that is the most specific information we've heard from anyone in the administration in the 16 days since the attack. >> they are working with other violent extremists to undermine the democratic transitions underway in north africa as we tragically saw in benghazi. >> secretary clinton's stated suspicion of al-qaeda involvement is big news and it is a significant departure from the administration's initial position that four americans were killed because some protesters who were mad about a movie got out of control.
5:35 am
>> since our founding, the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. >> we have no information to suggest that it was a preplanned attack. it is not a reaction to the 9-11 anniversary that we know of. >> this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. >> we don't know yet. so we're going to continue to investigate this. >> aboard air force one yesterday, press secretary jay carney said it is, i think by definition a terrorist attack when there is a prolonged assault on an embassy with weapons. but president obama still has not publicly used the words, terrorist attack, when talking about what happened at benghazi consulate. while carney said yesterday that's what the president believes, that's not good enough for republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham who say we recognize that al-qaeda involvement in a terrorist attack that killed four americans in libya is an
5:36 am
inconvenient truth for a president who claims to be destroying al-qaeda, but it is not too much to ask why the president and his administration have taken so long to state what has appeared obvious for a long time about what really happened in benghazi on september 11, 2012. jay carney says the president has spoken out about the attack and he points to mr. obama's speech to the united nations general assembly earlier this week where he said that it is never acceptable to respond to a video no matter how offensive it is with violence. back to you in new york. >> steve: thank you very much. joining us right here on the curvy couch is the former mayor of new york city, he was mayor on september 11, 2001, rudy guiliani. how about that report that peter brought, plus the news that apparently some news outlets have had and that is that apparently the administration knew within 24 hours of the attack in benghazi that it was done by an affiliate of al-qaeda? >> i think there is no question that the administration was covering up from day one. putting out a totally phony
5:37 am
story to block the political criticism that the president took his eye off the ball. the president in his haste to make himself a tremendous hero over getting bin laden deserves credit, but my god, he wanted to make himself into a super hero. >> steve: he's supposed to be an expert on foreign policy. >> he's showing his failure all over the world. what you watch on television all over is the obama policy started in cairo when he made his speech, absolutely falling apart. i think the last thing in the world they need asked a planned terrorist attack by al-qaeda when they claimed they had defeated basically, killing an american ambassador for the first time since, who? jimmy carter. >> steve: that's right. >> brian: he's get to go look a lot like him. >> gretchen: it was described as a bump in the road, as well as the arab spring. then he sent his spokesperson out to actually call it a terrorist attack. the president himself, interestingly enough, has not used the word, terror. >> oh, my goodness. >> gretchen: is it a deliberate
5:38 am
strategy to have it both ways? >> of course it is. it's also a president who has been you've missile insist about terrorism from the very beginning. he said we're not going to say war on terror anymore. except he forgot to tell them they're at war with us. so we get caught by surprise. this is a major scandal. the only reason it isn't played as a major scandal the president has three quarters of the media in the tank. it's a disgrace. it should be a scandal for the washington times, nbc news, cbs news, why the hell aren't they covering it? u.n. ambassador went on television, i went on with her on cnn. i've never heard an ambassador say anything so stupid as this was a spontaneous attack. what, are you crazy? spontaneous attack? >> brian: i'll finish the sentence. spontaneous reaction as a consequence of the video, people gathered outside the embassy and then it became violent. >> now, this is a cover-up in the middle of a campaign. but let's forget the campaign. this is a cover-up relatessed to security of the united states of
5:39 am
america, leading to the death of four american, relating to the continuing deaths of people in syria, and relling to the continuing deaths of american soldiers in afghanistan who they are leaving out there as targets because of the president's decision to withdraw from afghanistan. >> gretchen: i bet if you went outside and asked the average american walking down the street what caused those deaths in libya? what would they say? they would say the videotape. >> they'd say george bush. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: they would also say -- >> george bush must have done that. maybe it's romney's 47% comment that did it 'cause that's on the front page of the times. but not this. >> steve: you just touched on the withdrawal, our withdrawal out of the middle east. brian sat down with john mccain in the last hour and he had this to say about the withdrawal. listen. >> i'm sure there is some of that motivation to just keep everything as it is. but the thing that's really scary about it is that the people in the region believe the united states is weak and
5:40 am
withdrawing. >> i think john is absolutely right. the fact is that the president of the united states from the day he got in office has presented an extremely weak president with regard to dealing with islamic terrorism. what does he say those words? islamic extremism terrorism? that's the cause that we're fighting. this is like not saying nazi in the second world war. and what does that say to our enemy as soon as says he's a weak ling unwilling to face it. >> brian: that's a quote from zawahiri. here is the other thing, there was no security around this impeachment the seals came to -- >> that's a disgrace. >> brian: the seals came to his aid and after four days, cnn reporter finds the journal and then finds out in the journal the ambassador concerned about his own security. and they're screaming at the reporter for publishing it. no one even secured the area! >> where is the outrage with shouldn't we have known about this? didn't we have sufficient information about it? is it because the obama
5:41 am
administration has prematurely thought they defeated called? is it the fact that this man isn't president anymore? he's campaigner in chief. he comes to new york, doesn't meet with any of the foreign leaders at autism international crisis. goes on "the view," raises money, goes to see beyonce and jay-z. >> brian: the day of the attack he went to nevada for a fund-raiser. >> this is a president who checked out for the next months, month and a half. here is the problem, the world events haven't checked out and the islamic extremist terrorists haven't checked out. >> steve: rudy guiliani joining us live, saying there has been a cover-up, sir. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up next, she's a tough talking new jersey housewife who is about to take on new role. caroline manzo will join us live next does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> gretchen: real housewives of new jersey aren't nope for being shy when bringing drama to the small screen and the season wasn't any different. >> don't even answer the question. you are a fool. >> look at my face 'cause i'm going to educate you. >> don't point at me. >> do not point at me. >> do not point at me. >> let me talk to you. okay? >> steve: our next guest is giving viewers even more to talk about in her new book that's coming out this spring "let me tell you something." here with us right now, real housewives of new jersey star caroline manzo. >> thank you. >> steve: you and theresa have not gotten along since the get go. >> it's been a couple of years. been a rough couple of years. >> steve: yeah, but you had known her for years because your
5:46 am
sister knew of her in her orbit. >> she's very good friends with my sister much she was in our circle. she was there and i just kind of went with the flow. not knowing her that, that well. we started working together on the show. got to know her a little bit better. over the past couple of years, things kinds of turned. here we are. >> gretchen: you're officially off. no more relationship with theresa, the reunion will be a blockbuster thing for people to watch. but you're done. >> i'm done. i've been done for quite a while. >> steve: she was on the show a couple months ago and i used to think her last name was judeice. >> but now it's something else. >> apparently. >> gretchen: talk to us about your book, it doesn't come out 'til march and you thought ten years ago, i'd never be writing a book. >> of course. >> gretchen: what are we going to learn about? >> more about caroline as a person, a mother, what i've gone through in my life. 31 years with my husband, 28 years married. three tremendous kids. i will pat myself on the back for that. and living in a life that is so
5:47 am
foreign to me in the world of television. at 46 years old, i took a leap of faith. that completely changed my life. it's a matter of doing things in life when go for the brass ring kind of thing, go through the fires and come out standing. that's what the book is about. >> steve: because your family, we see you and your kids right there, you've had a very successful business, catering business called the brown stone for many, many years that i have been to a thousand events at. so it was kind of a big gamble. things are going fine. why would i want to get tangled up in this? >> something to do. not knowing what it would become. i thought it would be something to say and not knowing what this would become. just riding the wave and going with it. taking the good with the bad. >> gretchen: you say you get so many questions from viewers and this is one way to put it all together. >> this is something that resonated that i wasn't expecting and people have been
5:48 am
asking me for a couple of years to do it. i feel like i had to earn my stripes. i've had the radio shows and the columns that i write and just again, i'm taking another leap of faith and we'll see what happens. >> steve: i follow you on twitter. you're busy all the time. good luck with the new book coming out. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up next, this young mom just thought she had a birth mark. turns out it was cancer. now she has passed away. the eye opening story every woman needs to hear coming up next. >> steve: right now let's go over to studio j. martha mccallum previews what happens on this channel in ten minutes. >> good morning. good to see you. so growth in the u.s., 1.3% in the latest read. this is very, very sluggish. we'll look at the meaning of this in the context of all the numbers. business owners say it's easier to run a government today under the got -- business today under the government of china. then a preview of the big debates, all that coming up at
5:49 am
the top of the hour. bill and i will see you then bob, these projections... they're... optimistic. productivity up, costs down, time to market reduced... those are good things. upstairs, they will see fantasy. not fantasy... logistics. ups came in, analyzed our supply chain, inventory systems... ups? ups. not fantas who would have thought? i did. we did, bob. we did. got it.
5:50 am
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5:52 am
>> gretchen: this will be a wake-up call for everyone. seven years after the woman thought she had beaten cancer, the mother of three realized that the small melanoma that started as a birth mark on her lip had spread to her liver. she had seen doctors for years and even had surgery. each time it wasn't fully removed. she died in 2009 at the age of 35 and now her family and friends are raising awareness for this deadly disease. with us now is her husband, chris, and doctor, co-director of the melanoma program at nyu medical center. good morning to beth of you. i know this is tough for you to come and speak about your wife. i appreciate you doing so to help others. let's talk about what her story
5:53 am
was. we mentioned she had a beauty mark on her lip? >> yeah. it was a beauty mark that -- not a mole. and when she was pregnant with our first child, it changed a little. and when a mole changes, you should always get it checked out. so i said, go get that checked out. she did. and turned out that it was melanoma. so we went back and had more surgery done to remove a bigger piece of her lip. and all the tests came back that it was clear after that, she had gone through limp node tests, every three months, then six months and then a year. and she seemed fine after that. eight years later, she was not feeling well. we went back for more tests when she was having stomach issues and we found out it spread to her liver and elsewhere. >> gretchen: it was stage 4 and she passed away in 2009.
5:54 am
i know that you set up a foundation now and you want to help other people. one way to do that, doctor, is to let them sort of know the abc's of what to look for for this deadly disease. what are they? >> we try to inform patients that when you look at your moles, and you should do that on a regular basis -- that you look at asymmetry and that's to make sure that all the borders are exactly the same on all sides, if there is any abnormality, that's something that needs to be looked at. b is borders. again, the borroweds need to be sharp and crisp. not cauliflowerlike or shamrock like. c is color. a mole should be a consistents color. if shouldn't be multiple colors. but moles can be brown or black. if you have a mole that's not brown, block, red, blue, something that needs to be looked at. d is diameter. we try to tell people that moles, any bigger than the size of an eraser head are just things again that don't belong there. e is evolution.
5:55 am
it means that if you were born with a birth mark and over time it changes where it either increases in size or gets itchy, it's something that really also needs to be evaluated. >> gretchen: chris, you're raising your three children ho are now five and how old? >> five, nine and 12. >> gretchen: you've set up this foundation. how can people learn more? >> go to fighting melanoma with we're holding a fundraising event at the new york stock exchange. there is still tickets available. and you'll find more information on the web site. it's our second fund-raiser at the new york stock exchange and we're very proud of what we're doing and we want to make people aware of the dangers of this disease and what a beast it is and awareness is the key because there are treatment option very limited now. >> gretchen: chris martin and doctor, thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends" two minutes away [ woman ] dear chex cereal, you've done the impossible.
5:56 am
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5:59 am
>> steve: set your clock, tote add 4:00 o'clock, paul ryan will be on tv with neil cavuto. >> brian: tomorrow's show, we'll have geraldo rivera and peter johnson, jr. both on the same show. >> steve: big show. >> gretchen: as usual on friday, geraldo is always here and it can get firey from time to time. 8:00 o'clock eastern time. >> steve: bob massi will be in the after the show show. log on now. see you tomorrow. good-bye. bill: play ball, america. only this is the other sport. fox news alert. america's long national nightmare is apparently over. the nfl reaching a tentative deal with its real referees about 48 hours after the debacle on monday night. three weeks of blown calls and confusion on the field of america's game. the real refs replace the replacements as of tonight's game between the cleveland browns and baltimore ravens in baltimore. live report on the deal what the refs will get. monday night's game made everybody blink including the league. mea


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